Infratactix: Premier IT Services & Support

Our mission from day one is to provide amazing computer support and truly remarkable technology services by providing a team of educated, creative, collaborative, and articulate professionals within easy reach of the average small or medium size business. All of this with one goal in mind…

So you and your team can spend more time managing the business, not your technology!

Experience how partnering with the best in business IT support and services can get you back to doing what you do best; Running. Your. Business.

Our value is in the ability to develop a long term relationship and become your proactive, effective, and trusted IT partner. A company partnered with Infratactix is a company with less downtime, fewer day-to-day issues, and total piece of mind knowing we’ll care for your technology 24×7, and you’ll get more of your day returned to you and your team for the important stuff.


Business-class IT support & services in Wisconsin


Infracare support plans are scalable to meet your specific Information Technology needs. We offer Managed IT Service & Support designed to augment existing staff or even replace entire IT departments. In either case, we can take over some or all of the tasks you currently need performed, freeing up your staff for other new or more strategic projects. Moving to an Infratactix managed plan also helps to make your IT costs predictable as our flat rate monthly pricing allows you to better forecast your financial future!

No more inconsistent billing or wondering how many hours the “computer guy” will be billing this month. No more employees mulling about while you wait for a broken server to be fixed. Who settles for downtime these days anyway?

Infratactix wants to help your company perform at it’s absolute best. We want to care for your infrastructure so you can spend your time caring for your customers. When you have more time for your customers, your business grows, people talk about how awesome your company is, you get more customers, and everyone wins!