We work hard to help you make the right investments in the right places so that your business problems get solved, and your staff is more productive.

How things started

In 2003, Don Schultz started doing side work helping out a few local companies support their networks while he was employed at a local biotechnology firm. Don followed that career to the east coast and into many diverse IT disciplines, and eventually came back to Madison for family reasons. He realized that his experience in technology management, consulting, and process development could make a massive impact to smaller companies by freeing up the time and resources they spent on IT. Don started Infratactix in 2011 after discovering that small and midsize businesses need and deserve an IT partner that is as invested in their clients' success as they are in their own.

How can we help your business reach its dreams?

As one of the Madison area's premier IT service firms, the most important aspect of our business is the relationship we build with our clients - listening to and understanding your goals, and then turning them into solutions for the unique way you do business.

Who We Are

So what makes us different from the "IT guy" or other IT services companies? Easy:


We assign your company a dedicated service team or engineer/project manager. These are "your company's people", intimately familiar with your systems, processes, and unique way you do business.


We work with you to fully understand your goals, needs and challenges from a technical AND business perspective.


We use technology in a smart, business-focused way to solve actual business problems. We leave the "doing cool stuff for the sake of doing cool stuff" to the kids.


We become an integral part of your company and an asset to your operations or project. We address challenges of using technology in your business, and help you turn technology into a tool for success.


We believe relationships are so important to the way we do things and work only with clients that share our values.


We believe and uphold that the quick/easy/cheap way isn't always the "right" way. Many problems can be solved with a "quick fix". In our approach, we take the time to fix things right the first time around, and keep it working so you and your team can focus on what you do best.

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