Referral Program Rules: Only qualified referral leads will be considered for the Infratactix referral program. A qualified referral lead is a new contact in a decision-making role at an organization not already a Infratactix customer, and who is interested in using Infratactix services in their business. Your own organization is not considered a qualified referral lead. Provided, however, that if a conflict arises around a referral lead, then Infratactix will make the final determination, in its sole and absolute discretion, on whether such referral is valid under the Referral Program.

Payouts for our referral program are as follows:

Infratactix will pay or credit a one-time referral commission equal to the 1st month’s contracted revenue from the referred company, 60 days after initial account sign up on the full priced services signed up for at that time. For any additional services added to the account at a later date, a referral commission will not be paid to the referral partner. If services are removed from the account during the initial 60 days, the referral commission will be lowered to reflect the current status of the account.

In order to be paid, the following conditions must be met: (a) your referral must be a paid Infratactix customer for 60 days; (b) you must complete a W-9 tax form; and (c) you must complete the payout information form. Both forms will be emailed to you. Payment will be forfeited if your W-9 is not provided to Infratactix within 90 days of the initial account sign-up. The referral commission will be issued following the second consecutive full payment received by Infratactix from the qualified referral.

By submitting a qualified referral lead, you represent and warrant that you have received the express written consent from the referral contact to disclose the referral lead’s name and business contact information to Infratactix and that contact is a business or representative of a business in a decision-making role. You acknowledge and agree that Infratactix may inform your qualified referral lead that Infratactix received their contract information from you.

Infratactix is not responsible for: (a) qualified referral leads that are lost, delayed, illegible, misdirected, or incomplete; (b) your inability to submit your qualified referral lead through Infratactix’s website; (c) referral information that was not captured correctly; or (d) any issues associated with hardware, software, telephone, internet, virus contamination, network issues, human error, electronic malfunctions, or any other technical problem. Infratactix does not accept referral leads that are generated by a script, macro, or other automated source. Mechanically reproduced referrals are not eligible. All referral leads will become the sole and exclusive property of Infratactix and will not be returned to you.

Infratactix has the authority to adjust, amend, change or discontinue any terms described without prior notice. Infratactix reserves the right to determine and modify the criteria, eligibility, amount and/or frequency of payments and whether such payments will be made without prior notice. Infratactix reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to decline a referred lead for Infratactix products.

*Up to a maximum of $5,000 per referral