Apple’s new big cat’s 6 great features

The operating system (OS) is one of the integral pieces of the modern computer, it gives us operators a way to interact with and use all other parts of the […]

4 ways to replace a broken iPhone screen

Go back 20 years and tell a person that they’d be able to access the Internet through their mobile phone. Guaranteed these people would scoff at your zany ideas, but, […]

Dangerous Mac trojan discovered

While malware and security threats have been a constant problem for companies using Windows based systems, Mac users have been relatively virus free. This has largely been because of fewer […]

Some Dropbox account info exposed

Security of cloud services is a common issue that keeps many small businesses from fully trusting in the cloud. While the developers of cloud services tout security, they have been […]

Password lessons from security breaches

With the increasing number of high profile security breaches in the past few months, many netizens are wondering if their information is secure and what they can do to ensure […]

Internet browser for Mac users

With the increasing popularity of Apple devices, many users are demanding apps that work on Apple’s systems as well as PCs. One of the most important apps that need to […]

ROI, simple yet kind of complicated

There are many things an entrepreneur needs to consider when launching a new business or project. It can be a bit of a chore to plan ahead and many plans […]

iPad sees first true competitor – Google

When Apple released the original iPad a little over two years ago, they revolutionized the tablet and set a high benchmark that no other manufacturer has been able to meet […]

Virtualize your company and benefit

One of the hottest small business technological trends of the past decade is taking infrastructure and systems and transforming them from physical to virtual. Nearly every aspect of the office […]

Scrolling and zooming on Android tablets

With the recent release of the Nexus 7 tablet, a powerful 7 inch tablet available at half the price of the iPad, many users are really starting to consider Android […]

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