Use the iPad for Awesome Presentations

Tablet computers are arguably some of the most useful devices that have been developed in the past ten years. While there are a ton of tablets on the market, there’s […]

What Exactly is Big Data?

According to IBM, nearly 90% of the data available at this time has been created within the past two years. When you stop and think about it, it boggles the […]

Rooting Your Android Tablet: Pros/Cons

Android tablets are quickly becoming the go-to tablet for companies and manufacturers. The openness of the OS and the ability to personalize it has major appeal. If you have an […]

Continuity Plan: Software or Templates?

With the increasing severity of natural disasters in recent years, many larger companies have started to develop and implement a continuity plan to ensure that they can still conduct business, […]

OS X: Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you work in a multi-OS environment? Are you a diehard PC fan whose business has switched over to Mac? While Mac OS X may seem a bit strange to […]

Watch Out! Cloud & P2P Security Risk

In the past five years, there has been a significant rise in the sharing of files and information between computer users. Many businesses have also taken to sharing files using […]

BYOD: The Ups and Downs for Your Company

Smartphones have been a part of our personal lives for a while now. It’s no surprise then that we are starting to also use them for business purposes. In fact, […]

Six Business Apps for Windows Phone

While there are a large number of apps for both Android and iOS, there’s a smaller number for phones running the Windows Phone OS. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t […]

Adios Android Market, Hello Google Play

Google, long known for constantly changing its apps, has done it again. The latest change has been to the Android Marketplace, and is one of the bigger changes Google has […]

Socialize Your Business

It’s hard to find someone who isn’t using social media in some way, or at the very least isn’t aware of its existence. Companies are becoming wise to this and […]

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