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Find A Business Worth Buying

Businesses are bought and sold all the time with more and more businesses going up for sale each and every day. If you want to own your own business, one […]

Outsourcing Your Payroll Without Tears

Many things within a business can easily be outsourced. In most cases, it's more beneficial to outsource one-off tasks and tasks that are only done every so often simply because […]

Facebook Changes News Feed Policy

In the second policy change in just a few short weeks, Facebook reversed its experimental policy on researching how users would react to changing news feed posts on their Facebook […]

Ello Attracts Thousands as the Anti-Facebook

If you could join a social network that pledged to never mine and sell your data or serve up ads to you, would you join? The new social network, Ello, […]

Elementary OS Shows Linux Can Be Pretty Too

Though the power of Linux is rarely contested, the usability of Linux is often criticized and in many cases the appearance of Linux just doesn’t compare to modern Windows or […]

Providing Employee Downtime May Increase Productivity

Distinguishing between what is work and what is play has been made more difficult with the advances in technology, particularly the boom in mobile apps and devices. As with any […]

Consumers to Companies: Secure My Data!

News of data breaches in companies large and small has been regularly making the weekly headlines over the last few months. One survey estimates that 43 percent of all companies […]

Chrome Bugs Beware: Google Triples Rewards

In a world where everything that connects to the Internet is subject to attack, Google has approached the problem with something everyone can relate to – cash. Currently the cash […]

Population Mega Explosion And What It Could Mean For Business

The most recent estimates about global population predict that by 2100, the Earth's population could hit 12.3 billion. This has been revised upward from an earlier prediction of 9.3 billion […]

Browser Wars: Which is the Best?

The debate over which browser is the best will likely go on until a single browser controls the market. Depending on what study you read, Google’s Chrome has more than […]