business-graphics-1428653-mWhen you hire someone to be your social media consultant, you’re really hiring them to be the eyes, ears, and voice of your many digital representations. They’re building brand awareness for you, they’re making money for you, and most importantly, they’re building your reputation for you – whether that’s a good or bad thing. To ensure you hire the right person for the job, check out the tips below.

Find Out How Successful They are in Their Own Social Media

Your potential employee doesn’t have to know everything, per se, or have ten years of experience working with Facebook. However, they should still be able to show you something professional that indicates they’ve had success on social media networks in the past. Even their personal page is a decent indication of how well they do on social media. If they can’t even market themselves well, it is likely they can’t market for you well either.

How Well Do They Understand Your Market?

The market that you handle should be the market that they handle. A social media guru doesn’t have to be an expert in every industry or specific target market, but they should have at least your general niche down pat. If you’re not sure what they know, quiz them to see if they have basic knowledge of your market, and see if they have written anything significant in your particular line of business.

See if They Have Any Connections

Though not strictly necessary, consultants that have connected to other people in your niche are certainly more useful than those who haven’t. Once you’ve hired them, they can start building relationships with other people in your field to raise awareness about your company. If you’re curious if they actually know anyone, see if they’ve friended any of the big names in your industry.