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8 Tips to Get Things Done Faster

In a world of constant distractions and interruptions, efficiency and focus are a great challenge. Mutli-tasking has long been considered a great asset. The ability to answer a phone, draft […]

Three Things Every Business Knows They Should Do But Don’t

You probably know what you complain about the most in your business. Maybe it’s that you don’t make enough money, or that you spend so much time working with your […]

Windows 8 Devices are About to See a Major Price Cut

Windows 8 device sales haven’t been very good, but if anything has kept them in the running against popular Apple and Android devices, it’s been the reasonable prices. Microsoft has […]

Create a Business Mobile App in 12 Steps

Business essentials in 2014 include a phone, website, and mobile app. Sixty years ago businesses were struggling with the necessity of a phone line, and twenty years ago it was […]

Four Simple Checks for Your Small Business Website

Is your website underperforming, even after you’ve poured time and effort into it? Sometimes you don’t need to do a new redesign, especially if you are a fairly new small […]

Two Ways to Avoid Burnout and Stay Productive

Getting burnt out is exceedingly easy, especially if you run a start-up company. It’s just far too easy to overwork yourself and then feel like you’ve done so much that […]

Why a Small Business Shouldn’t Ignore Their Local Community

It’s true: having an internet presence is of the utmost importance, and making sure your website is flawless is an important consideration. However, there’s more to running a small business […]

How to Get One-Time Customers to Talk About Your Business

You might think that one time customers, other than the business they brought to you once, are lost causes. Maybe your products and services aren’t designed to bring in repeat […]

What You Should Ask When Hiring a Social Media Guru

When you hire someone to be your social media consultant, you’re really hiring them to be the eyes, ears, and voice of your many digital representations. They’re building brand awareness […]

3 Simple Tips to Help Start Your Social Media Presence

The new stats are in: out of every hour an average Internet user spends on the Internet in a day, 16 of those minutes are spent on a social media […]