It has come to our attention again that social engineering is alive and well. We've received a few calls in the past week regarding phone calls received from someone claiming to be from Microsoft technical support, calling as a courtesy to let them know their computer has been hacked, further offering to fix their computer for them. There are multiple problems with this, the most obvious is that...

THEY ARE LYING. Hang up immediately.

Microsoft will never call you out of the blue and ask to fix your computer for you.

What they're trying to do is convince you that your computer is infected so they can install their "fix" program. This software looks like it's "fixing" your computer or may even allow the person on the other end of the phone remotely control it, but will in reality either hijack it or sit quiet and collect passwords and personal information as you go about your day, long after the phone call has ended.

Here's some more information from Microsoft for your reading pleasure:

If you're an InfraCare client, we would have let you know if you had a virus as we're always on top of those things. If you're not an InfraCare client, now is a great time to start working with a technology consulting firm that's got your back.

Stay safe out there. Almost every hacking attempt starts out FAR from the technology.