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Security Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make on Facebook

Yes, you want people to find you and your business on Facebook, which means providing information that you may not usually provide to strangers. However, with over one billion users […]

Wells Fargo Victim of Cyberattack

Wells Fargo, a well-known and popular bank chain, was once again the target of a cyberattack. Like last time, it was another “denial-of-service” attack, meaning that the hacking attempt made […]

New Security Feature for Apple IDs

Though it’s not required, Apple now has a new two-step verification process for Apple IDs. This new verification pops up when you try to purchase something from the iTunes or […]

Ready to Advertise? Consider These Tips First

So some extra money has come your way and you know what you want to do with it: advertise. You’ve heard somewhere, at some point, that advertising will make you […]

Helping Your Employees Manage Their Time Effectively

Because many businesses have struggled with revenue and income in the past few years, often employees are laid off and others are expected to pick up their slack. For example, […]

Twitter Tips: Let’s Talk About the Hashtag

The hashtag, also known as the pound key on your phone, has not only boomed in popularity on its inventor Twitter, but other social media platforms as well. On Twitter, […]

Two Ways to Show the World You’re Fearless

You may not be fearless, but that doesn’t matter to the world. When they see your business emerge into the limelight, they want to see you in full color and […]

Your Business Needs to Socialize

If your company has been established for a while, it’s likely set in its ways. While this may be okay at the moment, eventually it will need to embrace the […]

404 Error Pages: How to Make Them Good Instead of Annoying

Errors are always unpleasant, and no one really enjoys seeing them, especially when they appear when they’re trying to find something important on your website. However, a 404 error page […]

Companies are Using Vine – are You?

Twitter’s Vine service launched only three months ago, but already users have shared over 100,000 videos on the new video-streaming platform. Though some of these videos are posted by individual […]