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The difference between BCC, CC and To

There are many advantages to using email over any other form of communication. The biggest is that you can send the same message to a large number of recipients regardless […]

Mobile device encryption defined

As the line between work and life continues to blend, two devices are standing out as major change agents. Those devices are the smartphone and to a lesser, but growing, […]

5 advantages of OS X 10.8 over Win 8

It's been an interesting year for operating systems, in the first half of 2012 Apple released OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion). Later in the year, Microsoft released the much awaited […]

Who knows your important passwords?

When it comes to disasters, people and businesses tend to think big, really big. Take for example Superstorm Sandy that hit the eastern US earlier in November. It can be […]

Microsoft Surface: 4 pros and 4 cons

The Microsoft Surface is a tablet designed, developed and sold by Microsoft. When it was announced back in June, Microsoft introduced two different tablets, the Surface and the Surface Pro. […]

How to identify different kinds of spam

Spam was introduced in the late 1930s as a tinned form of ham that was easy to eat. It quickly became ubiquitous, so much so, that in 1970 Monty Python […]

Want to customize Windows 8?

Windows 8 is out, and with it comes a prettied up User Interface (UI) that is geared towards tablet and touchscreen device users. One thing that is de rigueur for […]

2 new Nexus devices raise the benchmark

November 13, for many just a normal Tuesday, for Google's mobile platform - Android: One of the biggest days of the year. Why was the 13th such a big day? […]

How to use Pinterest to boost marketing

Social networks are something that have become a major marketing tool for all companies. A maintained presence on the major networks will help establish/solidify your brand, and possibly drive traffic […]

The dangers of free Internet access

It's Monday afternoon, do you know what your employees are doing? Working you say? While some employees are working, John is on the local job board surfing for jobs and […]