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Business and Android tablets, good/bad?

One device we’re starting to see used in business with increasing frequency is the tablet. With the resulting success of Apple’s iPad, Android device manufacturers have been pumping out tablets […]

What security threats should I focus on?

Security is a big issue, and big business for many IT companies. There are always security threats, and according to media outlets, most security threats are coming from highly advanced […]

iPad mini and iPad 4 coming Nov 2

Thinking of buying the new iPad? The one released only six months ago? Well Apple has decided to answer that question for you. On October 23, Apple introduced not one […]

Report highlights DR in Asia

There are many reasons as to why you would spend time developing a Disaster Recovery Plan (DR) that fits your company. The biggest reason is because it will help during […]

Devices at play, get them to play nice

In an ideal world, all of our technology would link perfectly. You could buy an app for iPhone and be able to access it on an Android phone or even […]

Recent events highlight Mac insecurity

Apple has long touted Mac as the secure alternative to PCs, and to a large extent Apple’s systems have been safer, due, in part, to a smaller number of users. […]

Widgets Anywhere allows constant widgets

Are you a multi-tasker? Do you own an Android phone and are constantly replying to emails, reading the news while checking your stocks? If you’re like most other smartphone owners, […]

Five things that jeopardize battery life

Batteries are awesome. Mix a few chemicals together and you have a chemical reaction that when encased can be used to power nearly anything and everything. There are a number […]

Don’t make these 5 LinkedIn mistakes

Social networking has become an integral part of the fabric of modern society. There are more social networks than you can count, all offering a network usually aimed at a […]

Do you secure your online identity?

Theft has been going on nearly as long as there has been life on Earth. When the Internet was invented, theft was digitized and, one can argue, that’s where it […]