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BYOD policy before Surface releases

There has been a resurgence going on in Microsoft. The company has reinvented itself and is turning out products that not only look great but are actually more functional than […]

Internet not winning any speed records?

The Internet is the lifeblood of many, if not all companies. We rely on it to communicate, research and relax, and in the modern world, we hardly disconnect from it. […]

4 wicked keyboards for Android

One of the more important features of the modern smartphone is the keyboard. The keyboard on many phones differs from those used with computers in that it’s part of the […]

Social selling helps SMEs compete

Marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs can be a tough nut to crack. You’re often competing against larger companies with budgets that probably rival your yearly net profits. There is […]

Who’s responsible for cloud security?

With the recent release of OS X 10.8 and the impending release of Microsoft’s Windows 8, companies are set to see a dramatic increase in cloud systems that tie directly […]

All about webinars for SMEs-part two

Last month in our productivity article we took a look at what exactly webinars are and how they can help your business expand and communicate with markets and potential customers […]

BYOD in the office? 4 essential steps

Take a look around your office, chances are high that you’ll see at least one employee with their mobile phone plugged into their computer charging, or maybe you’ll see a […]

Apple’s new big cat’s 6 great features

The operating system (OS) is one of the integral pieces of the modern computer, it gives us operators a way to interact with and use all other parts of the […]

4 ways to replace a broken iPhone screen

Go back 20 years and tell a person that they’d be able to access the Internet through their mobile phone. Guaranteed these people would scoff at your zany ideas, but, […]

Dangerous Mac trojan discovered

While malware and security threats have been a constant problem for companies using Windows based systems, Mac users have been relatively virus free. This has largely been because of fewer […]