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Don’t buy Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has had a big month. First they released the retail preview of their new OS, Windows 8, then they announced a new tablet. Hot on the heels of the […]

Two factor authentication and you

In recent months data breaches have again become a major issue to small business owners, and they’re finding it harder and harder to tell if their data is actually safe. […]

Five OS X tips to make you an all-star

Feature-heavy operating systems like Mac OS X may seem overwhelming the first time a user experiences the OS, as there are just so many shortcuts and different ways to access […]

BCP – an essential part of business

Most elevators/lifts in North America, Australia and the UK have a sign saying something along the lines of, “If there is a fire, don’t use the elevator/lift.” In Hong Kong, […]

Lost your phone? Follow these tips.

The smartphone has managed to become so integrated into our daily lives that we take it with us everywhere we go. When we don’t have it with us, we may […]

Metro + Windows 8 = Big changes

Microsoft’s operating system, Windows, is arguably the most popular OS used by businesses. In recent months there’s been a large amount of press coverage in relation to the new version […]

Use your Android to read RSS

The Android OS is one of the two most popular operating systems used on mobile devices. As these devices are considered to be smart, they have many uses beyond simple […]

Four hidden features of Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. It seems like every business, person and their dog has an account. While it’s extremely popular, many business owners […]

Win the war for control of your inbox

Email has become a large part of a business manager’s routine. It’s safe to say that the vast majority of people with email accounts are addicted to checking their email. […]

Achieve iPhone peace with notifications

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone platforms and has a wide variety of users, including small business owners and managers. Many now use their phone as both […]