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Minimize risk by backing up data

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) - a plan on how to keep your business operational during any adverse conditions - is an important process that every small business should implement. One […]

New malware infects via browser

As technology and programs become more sophisticated, so do the viruses and malware that affect them. Traditional malware is transmitted as a program that users have to download onto their […]

External hard drives slow Macs down

A new Mac is like a dream come true for users. It’s fast and loaded with useful features to learn about. One useful feature is Time Machine, a backup program […]

Overwhelmed by Android browsers?

One of the main features of the smartphone is the ability to browse the Internet. If you’re a smartphone owner, you probably use your phone’s browser on a regular basis. […]

Windows Phone Marketplace now 7.5 only

In late September of last year, Microsoft released the newest version of its smartphone OS, 7.5 codenamed Mango. Mango brought some great changes that made it more competitive with the […]

Customer service going social

Social media is a part of daily life for the vast majority of people and businesses. It’s the perfect platform for businesses to gain exposure to a large pool of […]

Trojan could force users offline

July 9. That’s the date the US FBI plans to shut down the Internet, for some users at least. In January, the FBI and Estonian authorities managed to shut down […]

Dual monitors could double productivity

Productivity is important to all businesses. For many, it’s the amount of work employees get done and how effective they are at doing it. With the advent of social media […]

Assistants go virtual, bonus for you

Entrepreneurs are a tough bunch, the majority have left stable jobs with guaranteed pay to pursue something they believe in. While there’s no one reason why they go into business […]

Is your iPhone showing it’s age?

When the iPhone was released in the summer of 2007 it revolutionized the smartphone market. Each of the following models have added something new to the game. Despite a new […]