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Make Better Decisions with BI Tools

Business Intelligence (BI) tools allow you to make better decisions about your business by unearthing value buried in your standard reports. Making it easy to view data from different perspectives, […]

Capture a screenshot in an iPad

There are times when you may want to capture what is currently being shown on your iPad's screen. That’s easy to do on an iPad. Simply press the Home button […]

Turn off Flash in your Browser on Android

The big difference between Android and the iOS is the fact that, on an Android device, you can play Flash videos. There are times however when this seeming advantage can […]

Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile

While professional social networking site LinkedIn is much used by many businesses, many organizations only skim the top of the potential benefits. These tips will help you improve the way […]

Infratactix Appoints Don Hopkins as Business Technology Consultant

Printer Hacking: No way? Yes way!

Dealing with printers in an office or business is usually a mundane and ordinary activity, but recent research suggests that these often-used devices can become doorways for hackers and online […]

Why It’s Time to Review Your Workflows

An electronic medical record (EMR) implementation isn't just about replacing paper charts with digital technology. EMRs also provide a perfect opportunity to review and improve your workflows. The result can […]

How to Help Your EMR Constituents

Electronic medical record (EMR) implementations aren't always simple—especially for small physician groups, which may lack dedicated information technology resources. However, following a few best practices regarding your constituents can help […]

Use Your Android Phone Like a USB Key

If you own an Android phone, you can use it as a substitute for an external drive or a USB key. You can load files into your phone simply by […]

Hard Drive Prices Rising

While the massive flooding in Thailand ravaged hundreds of thousands worth of property and infrastructure, it also has had an adverse effect on worldwide hard drive production. Since the majority […]